About us

Founded in 1977, Torneiras Roriz offers a long technical experience, supported by specialized innovation and the development of new skills. Certifications as ISO 9001 and NF among others, confirm the excellence of the company. Today, it operates in a facility with 15.000m² , where the whole production process is ensured internally. This allows us to fully control our delivery and production schedules, ensuring quality requirements and also competitive costs.

Torneiras RORIZ is much more than just a brand. As a company, its familiar nature differentiates it, as its activity is broadly supported by personal and particular relationships held with its business partners. This ensures a deep concern over particular needs of each customer and project, and thus assures efficiency in the answer to their requirements.

We welcome every one of our customers, partners and designers in our facilities, where they can enjoy some of our particular installations, such as our main showroom, our technical showroom and our formation office, you can also participate on a production tour, where you can see and understand how we deliver the highest quality standards.